Kids having fun in Saugerties! ... read all about it!

Plenty for Kids to Do and Enjoy


In general, some "must see's" for kids in our area are our beautiful Cantine Field complex, where there are baseball fields that rival some professional ball fields, in terms of how well they're kept up.  Cantine Field and the adjacent Lions Club Playground on Washington Avenue also have swings, sliding boards, basketball courts and other types of activities for kids.  There are tennis courts in the Cantine Field area as well.  Further up Washington Avenue (actually across from the HITS complex) is a business called "Puttin' Plus" . . . miniature golf, batting cages and go-karts.


For movie entertainment, there's the Orpheum Theater, a vaudeville-era theater that has been divided into 3 movie theaters.  Usually there is something playing that would be entertaining for children up through their teenage years.  See Orpheum Theater for information about the theater itself.


Seamon Park offers great views of the Catskills and while it peaks during the Fall, with its thousands and thousands of Mums, and beautiful and antique fountains . . . it's an impressive place to visit any time of the year.  See Seamon Park for more info.


Puttin' Plus (Washington Avenue) has go-karts, batting cages and mini-golf.

If you want to devote any of your time to history, be sure not to miss the Historic Kiersted House, on Main Street.  See Historical Society for more information.


There's always something for children at the Saugerties Farmers Market.  From June through October, the market offers fresh food and many items for kids (depending on the specific week, there are origami demonstrations, ArtLab happenings, animals on display, and so forth).  To find out what's happening this week, visit their SITE.  And during the winter months, the market moves indoors (the Senior Center at 207Market Street). 


For a more nature-oriented activity, you can consider the following:

  • The Esopus Bend Nature Preserve, a 156-acre preserve right on the Esopus Creek that winds through Saugerties.  You can find out more about the preserve and its very easy-walking trail at ECC Web Site.
  • Another nice choice ...bordering right on the Hudson River, is the Falling Waters Preserve.
  • The Saugerties Lighthouse (built in 1869) . . . there's a nice walking path out to the lighthouse (from where you park on Lighthouse Drive it takes all of 15 minutes to get to the lighthouse).  The Lighthouse itself is impressive, and there's space for a picnic if you're so inclined.  See Saugerties Lighthouse Web Site for more information.
  • Opus 40 . . . an unbelievably huge blue-stone sculpture by sculptor Harvey Fite, that you can walk on . . . see Opus 40 Web Site for more info.


Sports Enthusiasts


Skateboarding.  As of November, 2009, the Skate Park Committee can proudly say that all their hard work has been rewarded . . . and the Town of Saugerties Skate Park (next to the Kiwanis Ice Arena and across from HITS, on Washington Avenue Extension) is a reality.  Skateboarders are already making good use of it.  Visit the Town of Saugerties Skate Park page for a description, some photos, and the list of rules.


Golf.  We have a great 9-hole golf course in Saugerties (The Lazy Swan) and there are other courses (with really reasonable greens fees) around as well . . . if the kids might find that a challenge, there's an executive (par 30) course in neighboring Kingston, called Alapaha . . . and another Kingston course (par 36) that's wide open . . . called Green Acres.  For a more exhaustive list of area courses, visit Ulster County Golf Courses.


Swimming/Camping/Fishing.  There is great swimming available right in Saugerties, at the Saugerties Village Beach.  Bring along a blanket and you can swim on a sandy beach that borders the beautiful Esopus Bend Nature Preserve property.  See Saugerties Village Beach for more info.  For camping, you can visit a the Saugerties/Woodstock KOA (Kampgrounds of America) location or the Rip Van Winkle Campground.  And the fishing in the Esopus Creek and the Hudson River are top-notch as well.  


Within a short drive, there are other swimming/camping/fishing possibilities as well . . . good examples are North Lake and South Lake beyond Palenville (another neighboring town).  


Kayaking.  Even casual kayakers are finding out what local kayak enthusiasts have been aware of for years . . . Saugerties has great accommodations for kayakers at a boat launch in Malden, at 2 Village locations on the Esopus Creek (Saugerties Village Beach and Tina Chorvas Park) and at a park set right on the Hudson River (Glasco Mini Park).  See Saugerties Kayak Info for more information, including a map on how to get to the launch sites.


Bicycling.  Visit Village Hall (43 Partition Street) or Town Hall (4 High Street) and among the wealth of information you can come away with is a bicycling map that shows 3 different bicycling routes that have been identified on Village, Town and County streets that run through Saugerties.  Note that there are some areas where care has to be taken, based on traffic patterns, and as always, be sure to wear a helmet.  If you want to get a jump on things, and print out the bicycle maps before you get to Saugerties, you can find them at the Saugerties Bicycling Page.  There are bicycle rental options right in Saugerties.  For example, Revolution Bicycles on Main Street rents bicycles.


Equestrian.  Like horses?  You won't see any more impressive horses or horse riding than you can see at the Horse-Shows-in-the-Sun (HITS) Inc. complex, off Washington Avenue.   


Winter Sports in Saugerties 


Ice Skating/Hockey.  Saugerties is thankful to their Kiwanis Club, for a great Ice Arena located on Washington Avenue.  See Kiwanis Ice Arena for more information about skating schedules, etc.


Sleigh Riding.  There are a number of places to ride on sleds.  One of the most popular is Snyders Farm Hill, off Route 212, on the right-hand side of the road, within 500 yards of the point at which 212 meets Route 32.  Be careful that your car is parked well off the road, if you park on the shoulder of Route 212, as it is a busy State road.


Skiing.  The Catskills offer some great skiing and Saugerties makes a nice, close, warm and comfy base station to visit any of the following nearby ski resorts:



Other Places to See Within a Short Drive


As far as items of interest that are a short drive away:

  • Woodstock is a neighboring town and it's the origin of the concept behind the first Woodstock festival (although not the location).  It's interesting to note that the 2nd Woodstock festival, was held in Saugerties in 1994.  Woodstock has quaint shops, certainly worth a few hours visit.
  • The world's largest kaleidoscope is located on Route 28 in Phoenicia.
  • Kingston has preserved, historical buildings from Colonial times.  Kingston was the original capital of New York and was burned down during the Revolutionary War.
  • There is tubing on the Esopus Creek in Phoenicia (40-minute drive from Saugerties).  For rentals, Google "Tubing Esopus Creek".
  • Throughout the Catskills, there are trails, trails, trails . . . if your family is into hiking.  Lots of trails to find by using Google search.  One example is this Catskill Mountaineer site.
  • And if you want to take a breath-taking walk on the world's largest pedestrian bridge . . . within a 50-minute drive, you can be at the Walkway Over the Hudson, a New York State Park where you can "walk on air" between the Ulster County hamlet of Highland and the Dutchess County city of Poughkeepsie.  There's nothing greener than a healthy walk across a river!
  • During the summer, Hunter Mountain has a zip line ride that is not to be missed.


And the above is what I could think of off the top of my head in a spare hour or so that I had one day.  In general, you can browse through our Village Web site and perhaps find some other events (see the calendar) and/or attractions that might interest your family.


Best of luck and we hope you enjoy your stay in friendly, historic Saugerties.