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Cover Page SmallThe Town and Village of Saugerties prepared and adopted their first Comprehensive Plan in 1999.  That plan recognized that community planning is an ongoing process and recommended additional actions, plans and detailed studies to pursue the recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan.  The 1999 Plan also recommended periodic updating of the Comprehensive Plan to incorporate the results of subsequent plans and studies and to reflect any unanticipated events or new issues.


A committee of Saugerties Town and Village residents was selected to update the plan document.  The update process was first started in 2010 as the Saugerties Comprehensive Plan Update Committee, which has the task of reviewing and updating the Town and Village Comprehensive Plan.  In the summer of 2011, the Town/Village of Saugerties secured grant funding through the Hudson River Valley Greenway to hire a planning consultant to assist the committee in preparing the Comprehensive Plan update.  In the fall of 2011, the planning firm of Shuster Associates with Planit Main Street, Inc., began working with the joint committee to coordinate completion of a comprehensive plan update.


After a series of drafts, the final, approved Joint Town and Village Comprehensive Plan is now available. This Plan is not a new departure.  Rather it incorporates and builds upon the Goals, Recommendations and Strategies set forth in the 1999 Plan.  Therefore, it should not be viewed as a change of direction but, rather, as a refinement of the course already established.



Comprehensive Plan Committee:


The Town Board and Village Board appointed a Comprehensive Plan Committee to lead the public participation process and prepare the first draft of the Town/Village’s Comprehensive Plan update.    The Committee has been meeting monthly at Town Hall to review and update the Comprehensive Plan.   Committee members are as follows:


Patrick Fitzsimmons - Chair, Comprehensive Plan Committee
Jeannine Mayer - Village Trustee
Leeanne Thornton - Town Board
Jeffrey Helmuth - Village Planning Board
Paul Andreassen - Town Planning Board
Dave Minch - Historic District Review Boad
Samantha Dederick - Zoning Board of Appeals/CPC
Alexander Wade - Village Resident
Gerry Marzec - Conservation Advisory Commission


The Process:         


The Saugerties Comprehensive Plan Committee has been meeting on the first Tuesday of each month at The Town of Saugerties Town Hall during the process of completing the Comprehensive Plan Update.  You can find the latest (August 23, 2013)  draft of the Comprehensive Plan Update under "Documents" at the bottom of this page.


A public informational television program prepared by the Comprehensive Plan Committee will air on Local Access Station TV 23.   A public hearing will then be scheduled on the draft Plan.  Following the public hearing, the final Plan will be completed along with the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR) environmental review documents.  The Comprehensive Plan will then be sent to the Saugerties Town Board and Village Board for their consideration and adoption.  Any recommended zoning text and map amendments would follow thereafter.   


What is a Comprehensive Plan?  


        Expression of a community’s goals for the future and recommendations for achieving those goals.

        Outline for orderly growth, providing continued guidance for decision-making.

        Document, which focuses on immediate and long-range protection, enhancement, growth and development.


The new Comprehensive Plan can be used to answer a variety of questions about the Town/Village of Saugerties.  These include:


        What should the Town/Village look like in the future?

        Where business and industrial land uses should be permitted?

        What can we do to expand our parks & open space?

        What programs can be put in place to encourage historic preservation?

        How can we protect our natural resources?

        Does our zoning and related regulations need to be revised?

Why is a New Comprehensive Plan Needed?


        All land use regulations (i.e. zoning, design guidelines, subdivision regulations) must be in accordance with a Comprehensive Plan.  



What is the Relationship between the Comprhensive Plan and Zoning?


        The Comprehensive Plan establishes the objectives that the community wants to achieve.

        The Zoning Law sets forth the regulations designed to achieve the objectives of the Plan.


For More Information: 


If you have any questions about the process or have issues you think should be explored in the process of developing the Comprehensive Plan, please send an email to