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The above link shows that the Village of Saugerties population increased from 3,908 in 2,000 to 3,971 in 2010.


Note that there was a huge census error in 2000 that affected Saugerties and other New York Villages/Towns.  As a result, you may see some conflicting reports regarding the census results in 2000.  The actual number was 3,971. 


The Village of Saugerties is nestled in the Hudson Valley, with the Catskill Mountains in view to the West and the Hudson River forming parts of its Eastern border.

The latitude of Saugerties is 42.077N. The longitude is -73.953W.

Services Available to Village Residents
The Village owns and operates their own Department of Parks and Recreation, Department of Public Works, Police Department, Water and Sewer Department (including a Water Treatment plant, which serves both the Village and the Town) and Code Enforcement Department. The Village has an all volunteer Fire Department. Diaz Memorial Ambulance Services is an emergency ambulance service made up of volunteers and career-oriented providers. Diaz also offers help with fires, provides EMS coverage for special events, offers health screenings and Hepatitis B inoculations to local emergency service personnel (fire, police, Town & Village employees) and provides public education.
Saugerties Demographics Web Site
For more information about Saugerties' demographics, visit this Web site.